Tuesday, April 12, 2016

ICIQ International PhD Fellowship Programme “la Caixa”- Severo Ochoa

The ICIQ is looking for young, highly talented and motivated students from the national and international community who wish to do their PhD within the ICIQ International PhD Fellowship Programme “la Caixa”- Severo Ochoa.

The current call offers 3 positions funded by “la Caixa”. Successful candidates will have the opportunity to join one of ICIQ’s research groups and carry out their research in the frame of ICIQ’s Severo Ochoa programme: “Facing global challenges with catalysis: Small molecules that can change our lives”. Particularly, they will work in the fields of Solar fuels through light-induced water splitting and Activation of small, carbon-based inert molecules.

The ICIQ International PhD Fellowships Programme “la Caixa” – Severo Ochoa is addressed to graduate students from any nationality that fulfill the following eligibility criteria:
1.- Candidates must hold a Master’s degree in the areas of Chemistry, Pharmacy, Physics, Biology, Biochemistry or Chemical Engineering or an equivalent degree, which allows them to start PhD studies.
2.- The successful candidates should have an excellent academic record, strong commitment to scientific research and solid working knowledge of English.
3.- Candidates who have had a previous scientific collaboration with the ICIQ for more than six consecutive months before the application deadline are not eligible for these fellowships. Candidates must not have a predoctoral contract before the fellowship is awarded.
4.- The applicants may not have held a grant for postgraduate studies funded by “la Caixa” Foundation.

1.- The students admitted in the ICIQ International PhD Fellowship Programme “la Caixa”- Severo Ochoa will be considered research personnel in training and they will have an employment contract (a pre-doctoral contract) which is regulated in the Spanish Law 14/2011, of June 1st, of Science, Technology and Education. Pre-doctoral contracts are renewed annually for up to 4 years.
2.- The gross yearly salary of the contract shall be €18.546,56 (1st year),€19.303,56 (2nd year), €20.666,16 (3rd year) and €22.558,67 (4th year), split into 12 monthly payments. This salary includes full social security coverage (health and accident insurance) and pension and unemployment benefits.
In addition to the salary, the students will receive a onetime annual allowance of €1.500 (for 1st and 2nd year) and €1.700 (for 3rd and 4th year). That allowance covers miscellaneous expenses, such as university fees, expenses derived for international congress attendance and/or stays in international research centres.
3.- The grant holder is entitled to temporary interrupt the grant in the following situations: temporary disability, risk during pregnancy, maternity, paternity and adoption or foster care. The time elapsed during this interruption will not be accounted for against the total time.
4.- Successful candidates will join the SO-ICIQ International Graduate Student Programme for Research in Catalysis. Key aspects of the programme are: International perspective, focus in the two objectives of the research programme (Solar Fuels through Light-Induced Water Splitting and Activation of Small, Carbon-Based Inert Molecules), mobility and training in high throughput experimentation methodologies (HTE). The ICIQ also offers training oriented to provide scientific and non-scientific skills, which are of key importance for a successful career development, and language training courses in Catalan, Spanish and English.
5.- PhD students will work full-time at the ICIQ and may not receive any other fellowship or regular income. The PhD thesis has to be completed within 4 years.
6.- Support by this Programme will be duly acknowledged in any scientific publication or communication authored by the grant holder.

Deadline: May 24, 2016

For further details and application visit the ICIQ International PhD Fellowship Programme “la Caixa”- Severo Ochoa page.

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