Thursday, February 5, 2015

The IMRD Consortium Scholarship

IMRD partner universities and consortium beneficiaries award a limited number of full scholarships to young promising students from all nationalities. The aim of these scholarships is for these promising students to finance their participation to the IMRD programme, and for the programme to be able to keep on attracting world top class students.

As these scholarships are mainly provided by consortium partners, awarded students are expected to study at least half of the IMRD programme at the partner awarding them the scholarship. More precisely, the awardee will have to conduct his/her master dissertation at the awarding university, as well as at least the second or third semester of the programme (which is perfectly in line with the IMRD Mobility Scheme).

Eligibility Criteria  

  • applicants of all nationalities
  • applicants who meet the IMRD admission requirements and have been be academically admitted by the IMRD Management Board to participate the IMRD programme

The IMRD Consortium Scholarship has the value of about 45,000 €. Exact content may differ for each scholarship depending on the providing consortium partner.
Notwithstanding all IMRD Consortium Scholarships minimum include:

  • 2 year tuition fee for the IMRD programme  
  • 2 year full worldwide insurance coverage
  • 24 monthly subsistence allowances for the participation to the IMRD programme

The IMRD Consortium Scholarship does not include:

  • visa costs
  • study material
  • costs for accommodation, nutrition, leisure, ...
  • transportation costs from one mobility to another
  • transportation cost from and to the country of residence

The scholarship is administrated by the IMRD Consortium which disbursed the awardee with the respective payments on a timely bases which is mutually agreed upon through the signing of a Student Agreement/Contract. Payment of the scholarship only occurs upon arrival in Ghent (Belgium) and the signing of the Student Agreement.

The tuition fee is never actually disbursed to the awardee, though immediately withheld by the IMRD Consortium.

Details of payment will depend on the origin of the scholarship and will be communicated to each awardee prior to acceptance of the scholarship and the signing of the Student Contract.

Application deadline: 15 March 2015.

For further details and application please visit the IMRD Consortium Scholarship page. 

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