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University of Technology (UTS) President’s Scholarship (UTSP)

The UTS President’s Scholarship (UTSP) is offered by the University to selected international students of exceptional research potential in receipt of a UTS International Research scholarship (UTS IRS) to undertake a Higher Degree by Research (HDR) at the University of Technology, Sydney (UTS).

The scholarship is provided to assist with general living costs. The duration of a full-time UTSP is three years for a research doctorate candidate and two years for a master’s research candidate. The University has the expectation that, with an appropriately scoped project and consistent effort, scholarship holders will complete their work and submit theses for examination within this time frame. In accepting the scholarship, the scholarship holder undertakes to work towards this goal. The UTSP scholarship is not transferrable to another institution.

To be eligible for a UTSP, a student must:
(a) be an overseas student as defined in the Higher Education Support Act 2003; and
(b) holder of a international student visa, meeting requirements as specified by the Department of Immigration and Multicultural Affairs (DIMA), including the requirement to purchase and maintain a standard Overseas Student Health Cover policy approved by the Commonwealth Government Department of Health and Ageing; and
(c) have completed a Bachelor Degree with First Class Honours, or be regarded by the University as having an equivalent level of attainment in accordance with clause (d); and
(d) Where applicants do not hold a Bachelor degree with First Class Honours in clause (c) above, the University may determine that the applicant has demonstrated an equivalent level of academic attainment. In determining an equivalent level of academic attainment, the University may consider previous study, relevant work experience, research publications, referees' reports and other research experience.
(e) be commencing full-time enrolment for the first-time in a Higher Degree by Research (HDR) at an eligible scholarship provider (such as the University. The provider may also consider students who:
i. commenced their HDR in the previous year but who, due to the timing of their application and subsequent enrolment, were unable to apply for the scholarship in that year; or
ii. commenced a HDR and terminated that enrolment within six months of commencement; or iii. are nominated by their Faculty/Institute for strategic reasons related to their research project; or iv. have been approved for a course transfer to a different Faculty/Institute; and
(f) be enrolled as a full-time student; and
(g) not have completed a degree at the same or higher level as the proposed candidature; and
(h) must not previously have held an Australian Government-funded postgraduate research scholarship unless it was terminated within six months of the scholarship’s payments commencing; and
(i) must not be receiving an equivalent award, scholarship or salary providing a benefit greater than 75% of the UTSP stipend rate to undertake the HDR. Income earned from sources unrelated to the course of study is not subject to the 75% rule.
(j) be a recipient of an UTS International Research Scholarship (UTS IRS)

Selection Policy
The UTSP is awarded in accordance with the eligibility requirements outlined in paragraph 1 and on a competitive basis using the respective Faculty/Institute’s scoring system based on:
· academic merit of the applicant; and
· research and other relevant experience of the applicant; and
· publications record of the applicant; and
· relevance of the proposed research to the University's research strengths.

Value of Scholarship
The value of the UTSP stipend shall be equal to the value of an Australian Postgraduate Award (APA) offered by the Australian Department of Innovation, Industry Science and Research (DIISR). In 2015, this amount is AUD $25,392 per annum and is paid in equal fortnightly instalments to the student bank account. The UTSP stipend rates are indexed annually from the 1st of Jan every year. Under current legislation stipends to full-time students are free of income tax.

Scholarship application deadline: 20 August 2015.

For further details and application please visit the Universityof Technology (UTS) President’s Scholarship (UTSP) page.

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