Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Scholarship Programs at the Institute of Tropical Medicine, Belgium

Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITM) is located in Antwerp, Belgium (ITM) offers a large number of scholarships to students pursuing different study programs.

These scholarships (partial or full) are available for the following courses:
  • Master in Public Health – Health Systems Management and Policy
  • Master en Santé Publique – Politiques et Management des Systèmes de Santé
  • Master in Public Health – Disease Control
  • Master en Santé Publique – Contrôle des Maladies
  • Master of Science in Tropical Animal Health
  • Master of Science en Santé Animale Tropicale
  • Short Course on Health Policy
  • Formation Courte en Politiques de Santé
  • Short Course on Strategic Management of Health Systems
  • Formation Courte en Management Stratégique de Systèmes de Santé
  • Planning and Management of Reproductive Health Programs
  • Planning et Gestion des Programs de Santé de la Reproduction
  • Planning and Management of Tropical Diseases Control Programs
  • Planning et Gestion de Programs de Controle de Maladies Tropicales
  • Short Course on Anti-Retroviral Therapy (SCART)
  • Short Course in Clinical Research & Evidence-Based Medicine (SCREM)

DGD Scholarships
With the financial support of the Belgian Directorate for Development Co-operation (DGD), ITM offers a number of fellowships to applicants from developing countries.

Further details and application procedures can be found at http://www.itg.be/itg/GeneralSite/Default.aspx?WPID=192&MIID=316&L=E

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