Tuesday, June 14, 2016

OmniPapers Writing Contest: The Ideal Higher Education Model for My Country

OmniPapers, with the support of our founder Emily Johnson, announce an international essay contest! It’s a perfect opportunity to show your creativity and writing skills with a chance to win $500!

The contest is open to all students from worldwide.

What is the task?
Write an essay on the topic “The ideal higher education model for my country.”
Try your best to cover the following questions:
1. What higher education model do you see ideal?
2. What changes would you make to improve your country’s higher education model?
Don’t be afraid of experiments and remember: the most creative works have more chances to win.

Send your essays to info@omnipapers.com. Also, don’t forget the subject line of your message should be “OmniPapers Writing Contest”. And write your name, country and university in the body of this message.

Anything else?
  • The language of your essay should be English.
  • You can write it in academic or non-academic style.
  • The number of words should be between 1,000-1,500.
  • Save and send your essay in Word Doc or PDF formats.
  • Participants must be 20-25 years old.
One student can submit only one essay!

  • $500 – the 1-st place
  • $200 – the 2-nd place
  • $100 – the 3-rd place

You are welcome to send your essays anytime between March 22 and June 30, 2016.
Winners will be announced on July 11, and they’ll be notified by email. We’ll also publish their works at our blog.

For further details and application visit the OmniPapers Writing Contest: The Ideal Higher Education Model for My Country page.

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