Friday, September 4, 2015

Eisenhower Fellowships – Africa Program

Eisenhower Fellowships (EF) exists to inspire leaders around the world to challenge themselves to think beyond their current scope, to engage others, including those outside of their current networks, and to leverage their own talents to better the world around them.

Chaired by General Colin L. Powell, USA (Ret), EF brings two groups to the U.S. annually, each composed of approximately two dozen outstanding mid-career Fellows (ages 32 – 45), drawn from 53 different countries. Over a seven-week period, each Fellow receives an intensive, individually-designed program in his or her professional field. Fellows are interviewed by high-level in-country nominating committees and selected by a committee at the Eisenhower Fellowships’ headquarters in Philadelphia.

Criteria for selection
Successful candidates demonstrate in their application that they think strategically and have demonstrated the leadership and management skills needed to realize their goals. In addition to more general fellowship objectives, Fellows are required to work on a project throughout the fellowship. The application must clearly describe the project on which the fellowship will be a significant focus.

We seek Fellows who have the creativity required to take full advantage of this unparalleled opportunity; the ability to articulate clear goals for their program; and a vision of how they might use the experience to have a consequential impact which betters the world.

This seven-week program is comprised of a five-week personalized travel itinerary in the U.S., preceded and followed by a week of group activities in Philadelphia. Each Fellow’s program is unique, as the Fellow collaborates with an EF Program Officer to align his or her goals with relevant fellowship opportunities that lead to productive exchanges. This process requires significant thought, time and effort on the Fellow’s part prior to arrival in the U.S.

When drafting the list of potential meetings, applicants should keep in mind that regardless of professional background and interests, each itinerary will include visits to large and small cities around the U.S. to provide a broad experience. Although EF will attempt to fulfill appointment requests at senior levels of government, business, and the nonprofit sector, often such meetings can be most effectively facilitated through a Fellow’s pre-existing contacts. It should be noted that Eisenhower Fellowships does not arrange protocol, ceremonial, or celebrity visits (such as Barack or Michelle Obama, Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, etc). We also do not arrange meetings to transact business or seek institutional funds. An Eisenhower Fellowship is a transformational experience leading to consequential impact and lifelong engagement in the global network. The better the applicant can articulate clear fellowship objectives and possible consequential impact, the stronger the application will be.

Other features and requirements
A unique feature of an Eisenhower Fellowship is that we support participation of spouses/partners. A spouse/partner may accompany a Fellow for two to three weeks under EF sponsorship. However, children may not accompany Fellows or their spouses/partners on fellowship travel. Fellows must agree to return to their country of residence at the end of the fellowship period in accordance with U.S. law. Fellowships are awarded for the specific timeframe (listed above) which cannot be modified. Each fellowship is designated for a specific time period with fixed arrival and departure dates and cannot be deferred. It is important to consider carefully whether your professional and personal circumstances will allow you to devote the necessary time to prepare for and to participate in this seven-week fellowship program.

Application deadline: October 15, 2015.

For further details and application please visit the Eisenhower Fellowships – Africa Program page.

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