Wednesday, April 27, 2011


In an effort to promote talented academics, and with the generous support of the Government of the United Arab Emirates, IRENA is awarding up to 20 scholarships at Abu Dhabi based MASDAR Institute of Science and Technology. The Programme extends to the eight Master of Science Programmes offered at MASDAR Institute.

All IRENA scholars are entitled to generous benefits and are offered IRENA’s exclusive Lecture Programme, which will provide IRENA’s scholars with an overview of the current state of renewable energies

Individuals with outstanding academic record who completed their undergraduate studies (or near completion) in a relevant field

Applicants for IRENA’s Scholarship Programme will be admitted in accordance to the academic standards and regulations of Masdar Institute. Out of those who passed, IRENA will select the winning candidates in accordance with additional criteria that can be found on the following pages or on IRENA’s website.
IRENA MSc Scholars are required to join a renewable energy related research project for the duration of their scholarships. When taking up study, during orientation week, MASDAR Institute will inform all new students about the current research projects. Out of these projects IRENA scholars shall select a renewable energy related topic. Moreover, the final thesis shall be written on a renewable energy related topic as well.

Amount of Award
Tuition fees, textbooks, laptop, medical insurance, housing, travel expenses are covered by the scholarships. In addition a cost of living allowance is granted to IRENA MSc scholars.

No bond or conditions are attached to the scholarship upon graduation.

Scholarship Application Deadline
31 May 2011

Further information and application procedures can be obtained from

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