Monday, July 17, 2017

Forktip Women’s Innovation Scholarship

Forktip supports a number of important causes in the community and we are proud to offer the Forktip Women’s Innovation Scholarship.
The Forktip Women’s Innovation Scholarship is awarded to two (2) female students every year and is offered to different students each year to ensure fairness.

Our scholarship is aimed at providing support for women around the world to further their education and careers. We have always believed education is the way forward to a positive future and creates tomorrow’s innovative thinkers.
Details of the scholarship value, submission deadline, criteria and how to apply are below.

Scholarship Value
Forktip is providing significant support towards the tuition fees of the students who win the Forktip Women’s Innovation Scholarship. The scholarship is awarded to two (2) students every year.
Below is the amount each winning student will receive towards their university or college tuition fees. The amount provided is based on each individual winning student’s university or college location.

United States students: $1,500 USD
Australian students: $2,000 AUD
New Zealand students: $2,000 NZD
United Kingdom students: $1,200 GBP
Canadian students: $2,000 CAD

The scholarship is designed to help with the tuition expenses of the winning student. It is expected that the winning students put the scholarship award towards furthering their education.

Submission Deadline
Scholarship submissions close on August 30 each year. The next submission deadline is August 30 2017.
The scholarship is awarded on September 15 each year. The winner will be notified shortly after the award date.
If you miss the submission deadline for the current year but will meet the eligibility criteria again next year, please feel free to apply from August 31 each year.
The scholarship is always open for submissions with submissions for the current year closing on August 30 and submissions for the next year re-opening on August 31.
To ensure fairness the scholarship is offered every year to a different student who has not been awarded previously.

Eligibility Criteria
The Forktip Women’s Innovation Scholarship provides financial support for women around the world to further their education and careers. The eligibility criteria have been created with this goal in mind and to ensure fairness for all scholarship applicants.
The scholarship winning students will need to show proof of meeting the eligibility criteria before being awarded the scholarship prize to ensure fairness for all who apply for the scholarship.

Eligibility criteria are listed below.
  • Enrolled either full time or part time
  • Studying at an officially accredited university or college in the United States, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom or New Zealand
  • With at least Credit average GPA or equivalent grades
  • Having not previously been awarded a scholarship by Forktip
  • Scholarship must be listed on your university’s or college’s website

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