Monday, February 22, 2016

DigiCosme Master Scholarship Program

Each year, Labex DigiCosme offers Master scholarships in the area of Computer Science or Communication. Up to 30 grants may be allowed for 2016 academic session.

Scholarships are available for students who wish to enrol on a Computer Science or Communication Master course at Université Paris-Saclay with the medium term aim of pursuing a Phd.

Who can receive one?
Any student accepted into a Master programme in the field of Computer Science and Communication operated by one of Labex DigiCosme's partners.

The main criteria for selection will be the quality of the academic record.

Grant and cursus
The Labex DigiCosme grant is 12000 € for one academic year, managed by the school or university the student is enrolled in.

The Master 1 grant can be continued by a Master 2 grant, subject to passing the exams.


  • Labex DigiCosme grant cannot be cumulated with any other grant.
  • Travel and tuition fees are not included in the scholarship.

Labex DigiCosme Scholarship recipients have to follow their master program in one of Université Paris-Saclay institutions. This includes the internship. The scholarship will be suspended for the time spent elsewhere in France or in other countries.

Students who receive the grant are associated a tutor from Labex DigiCosme's scientific community, as a guide through their studies.

Which courses are concerned?
  • DigiCosme Master Scholarship program covers the Computer Sciences and Communication Master courses of Université paris-Saclay opening the path to a Phd. Other related Courses (Bioinformatics, E3A, Mathematics) may also propose applicants with consistent profile in Computer Sciences.

  • All Computer Sciences Courses are eligible to the program. Thoses courses are divided in 6 topics: big data management, human-computer interaction, fundamental computer sciences, complex systems, networks and security.

  • Courses related to other Masters (Bioinformatics, Engineering, Mathematics) may also be eligible. The list of those is currently being updated.

For further details and application visit the DigiCosme Master Scholarship Program page.

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