Monday, November 21, 2011

Talent for Governance Training Scholarships for Developing Countries

Talent for Governance enables ambitious, young civil servants working for local governments in developing and transitional countries to follow an international Talentprogramme in the Netherlands. This Talentprogramme consists of participation in a training course at The Hague Academy for Local Governance in The Netherlands, followed by an internship in a Dutch municipality or province and a Networking event. 

Talent for Governance pays for travel and accommodation costs, meals and participation fee. We do also ask a small contribution from our talents, once selected. This shows their commitment and their willingness to also invest in themselves.

The training course attended during the talent programme, gives young civil servants a chance to experience policy practices from a local perspective. Experts in the field of local governance practice will be guiding them through this experience. During the course, the talents will gain knowledge and skills which will be useful back in their workplace.

They'll work to write a Back-Home-action-plan in which they incorporate a real-live-case from from their own community. The real-life-case project proposal needs to be submitted with the application form, and the employer needs to approve of the project.

Further scholarship details and application procedures can be found at

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