Thursday, February 24, 2011

King’s Africa Masters Scholarships, King’s College London 2011 in UK

2011 Full-time Postgraduate Masters Programme or MPhil Study Programme for the applicants of Africa in King’s College London  in UK

The applicants must be due to commence a full-time postgraduate masters programme or MPhilStud programme at King’s College London during the 2011/12 academic year and be liable to pay tuition fees at the full international/overseas rate. 
Please note that:
Existing postgraduate masters/MPhilStud degree students are not eligible to apply;
These studentships cannot be held on a part-time basis;
Students must be currently living within their home country in order to be eligible;
Students who have previously studied outside of their home country are not eligible

Applicable subjects: All subject areas

Applications may be submitted from 07-Feb-2011 until 15-Apr-2011

Further Scholarship Information and application can be found at

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